Blais Civil Engineers

Category Company Brochure, Content Marketing, Mailing List and Lead Generation
Industry Civil Engineering
Features Mobile Friendly, Automated RSS feed display
My Role Database Development, Content Strategy, Logo Design, Web Development

Project Notes

My relationship with Blais Civil Engineers began in 2008 when I met Steve Blais at a Chamber of Commerce mixer in Portland, Maine. We hit it off right away and talked about entrepreneurship and technology.

He mentioned that he had just finished reading The Earth Is Flat by Thomas Friedman. I was familiar with an earlier work by the author called The Lexus And The Olive Tree. I went out and bought a copy of it the next day and made a gift of it as an excuse to show up at Steve's office on a sales call. At the time, the business was called Land Consulting Engineers but Steve wasn't sure it was the right name.

I was invited to come up with some ideas and I suggested he rename the business to Blais Civil Engineers. I ended up creating an identity package that included a new website, logo, business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

I've built several iterations of the BCE web site since then. We've made it mobile friendly, expanded content to include project profiles, job listings, company news and blog posts.

The site also makes use of a few RSS feeds on the homepage as an automated way of adding fresh, relevant content to the site.

We have contact forms on the site for newsletter signups, quick contact submissions and general inquiries.

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