Dr. Martin Rosen - Chiropractic Educator

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Industry Health Care, Chiropractic Education
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Project Notes

Dr. Rosen is a world renowned chiropractor and chiropractic educator. He was referred to me in 2009 by Dr. Stuart Grey of Grey Family Chiropractic. The first site I built for Dr. Rosen was for his chiropractic office, Wellesley Chiropractic in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The focus of DrMartinRosen.com is on selling Dr. Rosen's chiropractic instructional videos in DVD and streaming formats. He also has a robust teaching schedule and the site is used to promote his seminars, take event registrations and process payments.

International Shipping Is Expensive

Early versions of the site only sold physical DVDs and books. It became clear that sales were being lost due to the high cost of shipping incurred by the customer. This was especially true for international customers who are charged import fees.

Offering the videos as downloads was one option but bandwidth costs would add up quickly. This approach would have also opened us up to unauthorized sharing.

We looked at several streaming options but decided that self-hosting the videos could get complicated with varying degrees of reliability.


Hosting the videos on Vimeo turned out to be a great solution. Their pro plan is very reasonably priced and allows us to stream and host in one place.

When customers login to the site, they see a library of their purchased videos along with an un-branded video player.

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