Greetings from Augusta

Category Curated Directory, Link Building
Industry Local Information Directory
Features Custom Backend, Google Maps API, Weather Underground API
My Role Concept Origination, Content Collection, Web Development, Database Development, Graphic Design

Project Notes

Greetings from Augusta was created on behalf of Steve Blais and it is used to promote his civil engineering and property management businesses.

'The Greetings From Network' is a concept I originated to help businesses develop relationships on a local level. It is a sales tool, a piece of a larger SEO strategy and a valuable resource for its visitors.

Sales Tool

Suppose you're working to develop new leads. You'll do much better if you have something to offer your prospects in return for their attention. My favorite example to give is the standard networking event. If you meet someone you'd like to build a relationship with, take out your phone, complete a simple form on a Greetings From site and show your new contact that you've added them to a local directory that your company created.

If they run a restaurant, they'll be in the restaurant category. The listing will include all their contact info, a link to their website and a marker on a map. You've just done them a huge favor with very little effort. Additionally, your creativity and initiative show you to be a leader in your local business community.

SEO/Link Building

When we're concerned with local search results, even a small number of incoming links can help get you to the top of a result set. It's great when others link to you but why wait for that to happen? It's worthwhile to create sites in addition to your primary site that provide those links for you in a forum you control.

A Useful Site

Branded as 'A Guide for Visitors and New Neighbors' - these sites are more than just link farms. Used properly with care and attention, a Greetings From site can be a valuable property on its own. I see advertising opportunities with this platform, potential revenue from premium listings, paid classifieds and more.

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