Blais Property Management

Category Company Brochure, Lead Generation
Industry Property Management, Real Estate, Apartment Rentals
Features Mobile Friendly, Apartment Search Functions
My Role Web Development, Database Development, Content Strategy

Project Notes

Blais Property Management has been a client since 2010. When I was first hired to build a site for them, the company was owned by Maurice Blais. I was referred to Maurice by his son, Steve, who owns Blais Civil Engineers.

The site has been through several updates, including one in 2016 to make it mobile friendly and to add an apartment search function.

These are very nice apartment communities and the site has a few features to highlight the amenities and quality of the properties. I drew floor plans for each of the layouts and included links to local restaurants and attractions.

Since we added the apartment search function on this most recent version, the site's conversion rates have increased greatly and I believe the vacancy levels are very low.

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